Frequently asked questions

If you cannot find what you’re looking for, email our support team.

    • Can you build me a website?

      Yes. We can build you a custom website just for your dealership. We also have have pre-built templates you can install. Everything can be customized. Your website will be unique to your needs.

    • What is the price?

      Prices vary depending on what features you need and the size of your inventory. Lowest prices start at $100 and can scale to meet your needs. Contact us for a quote.

    • How does payment work?

      We operate as a monthly subscription basis. Payments are processed through

    • Can you export my inventory to my vendor?

      Yes. We can export your inventory to thousands of places. Contact us for questions on a specific vendor.

    • Will you manage my SEO?

      DealerZone has put a focus on making sure our websites are SEO optimized out of the box. We tailor each site to the needs of each dealer. We are experts in getting your results to show on the top of search engines.

    • What about marketing and advertising?

      We can manage your advertising on Google Ads and Bing. Contact us for a quote.

    • Can you handle email marketing?

      We are a registered partner on and use their tools to optimize your customer outreach. We can setup automated campaigns or build custom campaigns to your needs.

    • How do you generate reports?

      We have several pre-built reports. If you need a custom report, let us know and we can build it for you.

    • Do I have to transfer the domain to you?

      It is up to you. It is often easiest to transfer DNS control for us to manage. Additionally, we have tooling to optimize speed when you transfer DNS to us. However, it is not required. We can give you instructions on setting up your domain where you maintain the DNS and point it to our servers.