Automatic Posting To

Craigslist Posting for Car Dealers

We'll automatically post your inventory to Craiglist daily.

Use one of our pre-built templates for your Craiglist ads, or provide us with your own custom design. Post all of your inventory, or set rules for when inventory should be posted.

15 cents per listing, plus Craiglist fees
We pay Craiglist, their fee is $5 per vehicle. The extra 15 cents is to cover transaction charges.
Track Messages.
Any emails sent from your customers are stored in the admin CRM messages, and also sent to your sales team email address.
Only pay for what you list.
Dynamic invoicing, you are only charged for the vehicles you list on Craiglist.
Control and options.
Turn off automation and use our tooling to make creating Craigslist ads easy for your staff.
Craiglist Sample Image